Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Teen Fashion and Fun Tour Birthday Party!

Last Saturday's Teen Fashion and Fun Tour was a really great time.  There were three teenage girls and one of them was the birthday girl!  She was visiting from Chicago and her uncle was treating her.  (He came along too!)  As for the other girls, one was from the city and the other was from Queens.  So they were a really cute, diverse and interesting group.

When the limo pulled up, they were super-excited.  I can't imagine being in NYC when I was 13-years-old and riding in a limo with friends.....  So though I never experienced it myself, I could kind of guess what they were feeling!

First stop, as usual, was the Abercrombie & Fitch Flagship.  They absolutely LOVED it!   From the male models, to the strong aroma of A&F cologne, they totally enjoyed the whole experience.  After they shopped, they took pictures with the model at the front of the store.  They were SO excited!  One of the girls even said, "Wait til I show my mom!"  

Next stop was Henri Bendel, but they weren't that crazy about it.  I mean, it's not exactly in the teen budget, but they had fun browsing for a minute.  

Following Bendel's they saw the Disney Store, which isn't normally a stop on the tour, but since we were ahead of schedule, I told them we had time to take a look. 

The last store we had time to stop in on the UES was the Juicy Couture Flagship, which is always a teen favorite!  They had fun browsing there for over 20 minutes (which is quite a long attention span for teens, of course!)  

Next it was back in the limo and time for the "teeny" cosmos which they enjoyed very much.  (They especially had fun taking pictures with them.)  We were headed to the West Village to the Marc Jacobs Special Collections Store, but I realized we had about 30 minutes before they opened.  So I suggested we stop at Joyce Leslie in Noho first.  All the girls loved it here because the prices are 100% absolutely "teeny."  I'm sure the uncle (who was treating the birthday girl) appreciated them too though.  Who wouldn't?  Cute t-shirts under $10 and cute dresses not more than $20.  Heck, I'm a HUGE fan!

Last destination was the West Village.  I knew they would LOVE the Marc Jacobs Special Collections Store.  There was also a street fair on the same block, which was fun to browse.  Although, as expected, they spent most of their time in MJ.  This store is raved about all around the world.  People don't understand how things are sold for a small fraction of the regular MJ price.  I don't really understand it either.  All I know is that it's awesome for people who like labels.  You can still get the MJ label without paying a fortune.  The birthday girl absolutely adored this store and she came out with quite a few gifts from her uncle.  The other girls made some small purchases too.

When we got back into the limo to return to the starting point of the tour, I pulled out their special treats.  Magnolia Bakery is on the same block as the MJ Special Collections store and what's a birthday party without a delicious cupcake?!?  So on the way back uptown, the teens took some cute cupcake pictures and left not one crumb behind.  All in all, the tour was a success!

If you'd like to plan a tour for a birthday party, a bachelorette party, or any other special occasion, visit the Contact page of and inquire about our private group tours.  Hope to shop with you soon!

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