Friday, February 7, 2014

Our Self-Guided Shopping Tour Itineraries were Featured on CNN Travel!

Self-guided shopping tours

She prides herself on her ability to guide New York shoppers to the city’s unique boutiques, but Natasha Malinsky, founder of ShopNYC Tours, also knows that some shoppers would prefer not to have her around.
That’s why she came up with the idea of the self-guided shopping tour, an e-mailed itinerary complete with map and directions, for those who want the insider take on New York shopping but would rather do the act solo.
“Many people want to take their own time shopping and don’t want to be stuck to a guided tour schedule,” Malinsky says.
Her self-guided shopping tours are either thematic (specialties include a Fashionista Fave tour, Unique Gifts tour and a Recessionista tour), or can be customized depending on what people want to buy. (Yes, she can get as narrow as just scarves.)
Purchase pre-designed tours online for US$14.95 and receive a pdf itinerary. Or, e-mail for a customized tour, which costs approximately US$99-US$199, depending on needs. An iPhone app is forthcoming.

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