Saturday, August 8, 2009

Teen Fashion and Fun Tour with Fashion Photo Shoot!

Last weekend’s Teen Fashion and Fun Tour didn’t just consist of shopping the hottest teen spots in NYC, but it also allowed the teen birthday girl to show off her new outfits in her very own photo shoot following the tour!

The day began at Bryant Park as usual, with the soon to be 13-year-old and her mother who were visiting from Louisiana.  Since it was just the two of them, they decided to take the subway/walking version of the tour which provided them with a budget-friendly option and also an opportunity to take the tour at a slightly slower pace.  It also gave the teen birthday girl more time to try on clothes, which was important since she would be going straight to the photo shoot after.  From Bryant Park, we headed up Fifth Avenue and the first stop was the Juicy Couture Flagship store.  The birthday teen was super-excited to visit this store and headed straight upstairs to find some dresses for her photo shoot.  She ended up opting for a very fashionable item—a black velour, tank with long pants jumpsuit.  It was adorable on her and also very now.  While her mom made the purchase, I took the teen over to the doggy corner where she looked at all the cute merchandise and told me about her two Chihuahuas! 

After Juicy, we headed up to Henri Bendel where I told the Louisiana ladies that they could actually see some unique, independent designer jewelry and they could also watch some fabulous 30-minute shoemakers as they cobble their designs.  The birthday teen even bought a pair of these beautifully made sandals.  The process began with the shoemaker choosing a sole that fit her foot, and then the birthday teen had to choose the color straps she wanted (there were about 25 colors to choose from), any gold, silver, or rhinestone ornaments she wanted (such as butterflies, starfish, hearts or stars) and the pattern she wanted the straps to follow.  After all of that was chosen (which took about 25 minutes), the ladies were told to come back in 30 minutes to pick up the shoes.   They still had a lot of shopping to do so the cobblers offered to hold the sandals for them to the end of day.

We continued one more block up Fifth Avenue and headed to the Abercrombie & Fitch flagship, which is ALWAYS a favorite of the teens.  We browsed for some dresses but didn’t have much luck so she decided to go the skirt route.  They had some really cute summer skirts and tees to match.  The only drawback of that store was that we had to spend more time in the check out line than we had spent shopping.  So I offered to wait in the line upstairs while they waited downstairs and that speeded things up a little at least.

After Abercrombie, we walked over to the subway and headed to Soho.  They were really hungry but we were running out of time to shop so I suggested they grab a slice of Two Boots Pizza, which is one of the best in the city.  Yum!

After a quick bite, the teen told me she wanted to look for shoes so I took them to several shoe stores.  She was hoping to find the Converse tennis shoes that lace up to the knee like boots so I took them to a store where they had over 200 styles of Converse.  Unfortunately we found out that they don’t carry those specific shoes anymore.  I also suggested they take a quick look at Joyce Leslie since they carry some shoes that are both stylish and inexpensive.  We stopped for a moment but since we were running out of time they marked it as a place to visit again the next day.  We didn’t have time to head to TopShop or to the Marc Jacobs Special Collection store in the West Village either, but I explained that the maps and addresses of these stores along with all the other stores we visited were in their ShopNYC Tours Printed Shopping Guides that they could refer to after the tour.

We headed back uptown and since I didn’t have time to serve the Teeny Cosmo on the tour, I gave her the glass and the drink in a separate container to use as a prop in her photo shoot.  The birthday teen found her photo shoot outfits while on the tour which is really all that mattered. She went straight to hair and make-up (the make-up artist met her at their hotel) and then hopped in a cab to Chelsea for the photo shoot that was going to be done on location. 

If you'd like to take a Teen Fashion and Fun Tour with your own Fashion Photo Shoot or if you'd like to give an extra special birthday gift to your teen, visit for more information!

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