Monday, August 24, 2009

Teen Fashion and Fun Tours Galore!

This past weekend was filled with Teen Fashion and Fun! It started on Friday with 6 women (2 teens and 4 adults) from Michigan. They were ready to shop, shop, shop. They had booked the photo shoot for after the tour and due to time constraints we only had 3 hours to find the teens their outfits. So we were definitely on a mission.

We began the tour at Makeup Forever in Greenwich Village, where Floriane (one of the amazing Makeup Forever sales reps) gave them mini-makeovers and they bought some really cool, brightly colored eye pencils. They didn't want to spend too much time there though. (We already had appointments for them at Mac scheduled for post-tour/pre-photo shoot). So we headed down the street to the first clothing and accessories boutique, Owl's Lab. The teens loved it, not only for the incredible fashion, but because of the fact that many of the pieces worn on Gossip Girl come from this fabulous boutique. They bought some awesome clothes and accessories that were (OMG) very Serena and Jenny.

Next stop was Rugby, which was actually requested by one of the teens. Rugby was her absolute favorite and she bought a few darling-with-an-edge outfits that were very UES prep. The other teen said she was more of a girly-girl so I walked her down the street to Ibiza where I knew she would find some sweet, feminine and bohemian dresses, skirts and blouses.

Following Greenwich Village, we headed to Soho. By this time I had a great feel for each of the teens' personal styles so I knew that we had to hit up TopShop. This was a gold mine for both of them! They found a great mix of edgy, funky fashion along with lacey, frilly and chic pieces. While one of the teens found shoes galore, the other found her perfect outfits for the photo shoot.

After TopShop, it was back in the limo and up to the Mac store on 22nd and Fifth Avenue for their makeovers. While they were getting made-up by the Mac professionals, I headed to Magnolia Bakery (usually a stop on the tour but we ran out of time) and grabbed their cupcakes. Once I got back to the Mac store and handed them their sweets they were ready to hop in a cab and head to the photo shoot on location in Chelsea with professional photographer, Caitlin Greer.

In addition to the above Teen Fashion and Fun experience, I also gave a tour on Saturday for a 16-year-old girl and her father. They opted for the Subway/Walking Tour instead of the Limo Tour. We began the tour on Upper Fifth Avenue, where we visited the usual including the Abercrombie & Fitch Flagship, Henri Bendel and Juicy Couture. Then it was into the subway and we headed downtown to Soho, where the teen wanted to find some back-to-school shoes and dresses. She found a cute pair of much-wanted gladiator sandals at David Z and as far as clothing, Joyce Leslie was definitely her favorite. She found several outfits that she really liked and she was pleased (along with her father) to see the amazingly reasonable prices too.

After the tour, her father sent me an e-mail with this message:

"Thank you very much for the help with shopping with my daughter yesterday! She was thrilled with the whole trip to NYC and the shopping was the highlight for her. We also did well back home - my wife was surprisingly impressed with my daughter's purchases..."

If you'd like to book a Teen Fashion and Fun Tour or Teen Fashion and Fun Tour with a Fashion Photo Shoot, please visit for more information. I look forward to shopping with you!

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