Saturday, January 2, 2010

Recessionista Finds and Birthday Bargains!

Last week's Recessionista shopping tour was for 3 lovely ladies from New Jersey and one of them was celebrating their 35th birthday. They told me that they visit NYC all the time, but that they wanted to try something different--so that's why they came on the tour. They said that they usually don't get out of Midtown because they really just don't know where to go. I told them that they came on the right shopping tour!

Since the tour was scheduled just for the three of them and they were going to Dashing Diva on the Upper East Side afterwards, we started the tour in Soho and worked our way backwards to Union Square. The first stop I took them to was UniQlo. They had never been before (since it just opened in the last year and it's the only one in the US) so they were surprised to find such great prices for such quality items. I explained to them that the latest designer to come to UniQlo was Jil Sander with her +J line.

After UniQlo, which is more about basics, we headed to TopShop which was definitely the opposite with their funky furs and dazzling sequins. They explored all three levels and were especially anxious to see the Shoe Lounge.

After a lot of browsing, we moved on to Nolita and headed to The Market NYC which is also known as the Young Designers' Market. They absolutely LOVED it. From the unique knit hats, to some lovely CZ studs, to the sweet-smelling body butters, none of them left empty-handed. This stop, as usual, was definitely one of the most successful.

From Nolita, we headed up to Necessary Clothing in Noho. They browsed for a bit and then it was on to Monk, near Washington Square Park. They really enjoyed exploring all the unique vintage and consignment and the birthday girl bought herself a beautiful silk scarf.

From here we explored the Shoe District and then headed up Sixth Avenue to 14th Street, where we stopped at Gem Story and they bought some really cute jewelry with bargain, bargain, bargain prices. (I also bought my grandmother a pretty snowman pin!)

The next stop was Remix shoe store on 14th Street where one of the ladies bought a really fun and funky pair of rain boots (which was very appropriate since it was pouring the whole day!) From there, we made a quick stop at Strawberry and then I escorted them uptown to Macy's where they wanted to shop before getting their manicures and pedicures at Dashing Diva.

Despite the rain and the cold, it was a fun tour and they had the chance to shop places that they hadn't shopped before. If you're a bargain-lover and would like to take our Recessionista Tour, visit our website at for more information. Hope to shop with you soon!

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