Sunday, January 24, 2010

ShopNYC Tours Launches Webcam Shopping Experiences!

ShopNYC Tours is grateful to have grown so much over the past two years! We realize, however, that many people who'd like to experience the city simply don't have the time or money to visit. So we wanted to come up with a way that these people could still experience NYC: with our Webcam Shopping Experiences! These experiences allow people to shop in a unique, New York City boutique from anywhere in the world--through webcam. That's right--you just set up an appointment to web chat--or web SHOP--with a boutique specialist/sytlist, logon to, and SHOPNYC!

We will actually have a phone/e-mail consultation with you prior to your web appointment to find out what your general style is (classic, bohemian, trendy), what you're looking for (dresses, jeans, handbags) and what sizes you wear in certain items. If you have a boutique that you've discovered online and you're just dying to shop in it, we can arrange that for you as well. There's also the option to add a model with your measurements to your shopping experience so you can actually see (in 3D) what the clothing will look like on YOU!

We realize that online shopping is popular, but it can also be extremely overwhelming and difficult. You'll spend hours and hours browsing through 2-dimensional websites in the hopes that once something is shipped it will fit you correctly! Webcam shopping experiences give you the opportunity to avoid all of the downfalls of online shopping while enjoying personal style tips, the boutique ambiance (which is much more fun than staring at a computer screen) and a more unique selection of fashion than you can imagine.

If you'd like to set up a webcam shopping experience, visit for more information. We look forward to shopping with you!

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