Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All-in-One Unique NYC Shopping Tour

ShopNYC Tours wanted to provide our shoppers with a shopping tour that offers VARIETY like no other! Why??? Well, most people come to NYC with a packed itinerary and reserve just a small window of time (usually 2-3 hours) for each activity that they want to do.

So let's say a group has just a few hours set aside for shopping and the group consists of people with different preferences, styles, needs, budgets, etc. For example, a family comes to NYC and the mother wants to look for clothing, the grandmother wants to look for housewares, the father wants to look for a souvenir t-shirt and the teenaged daughter wants to look for accessories. In another case scenario, there's a group of friends: one wants to buy a $300 handbag, one wants to buy a $75 pair of shoes and the other wants to find second-hand clothing for 10 bucks. With our All-in-One Unique NYC Shopping Tour you will have access to ALL of these things over the course of the 3-hour tour. There will be boutiques with women's clothing and accessories, home decor items, unique gifts, beauty products, teen clothing and accessories, and men's clothing. The prices will range from $5 per item up to $500 per item. The shops will offer a variety of high fashion, vintage fashion, bargain shopping and consignment.

The other thing that's unique about this tour is that even though you'll be shopping with a group, you'll have the opportunity to shop in the stores that appeal most to YOU. There will be clusters of shops and each person will be given a map. The tour guide will give you a certain amount of free time and then you can follow the map and decide which shops you want to visit first, second, and third, or you can just spend the entire time in your favorite shop!

Our All-in-One Unique NYC Shopping Tour is offered every Saturday from 11am-2pm for just $34. It's a guided, walking tour and departs at the Southeast corner of 14th Street and Fifth Avenue. For more information and to buy tickets, visit We look forward to shopping with you!

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