Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Combo Tours - Teen/Recessionista Shopping and Vintage/Chic Boutique Shopping Tours

Last week's Teen/Recessionista Shopping Tour skipped all the showy flagships and headed straight for the bargains! From their hotel, the towncar took us straight downtown to Noho where we stopped at Necessary Clothing. The teen found a super cute pair of gladiator sandals for just $19.99.

Next door, at Joyce Leslie, she found a lot of really cute tops and tanks while her mom browsed some of their jackets. I figured it would be a fun addition to head over to the Juno New York Sample Sale since the mom admitted to being the shoe addict when we drove through the shoe district. I also knew that the teen was looking for some black flats and they have a huge selection of them. The stop was a success! Not only did the teen find her black flats, but she found a cute leather bracelet as well.

Our next destination was TopShop and the ladies were super excited after I showed the a short video about the store. The teen was a huge fan of Urban Outfitters so I knew she'd love TopShop too. We definitely spent the most time here. How could we not with the three levels of endless clothing, shoes and accessories! The teen tried on a few things while the mom found some cute clutches for just $5.

After TopShop we headed over to the West Village to the Marc Jacobs Special Items store. The teen found a cute, hawaiian-print MJ tote and a few souvenirs for her friends at home.

As we headed back to their hotel, they enjoyed their yummy Magnolia Bakery cupcakes.

The other combo shopping tour we had last week was for a mother and daughter from the UK. They wanted to visit some chic boutiques along with some vintage boutiques. They were such lovely ladies.

We began the tour near Union Square and headed south on University Place where we headed to Jodi Arnold NYC and Pia. Following, we headed over to the shoe district where they visited some of the best shoe stores in the city along with Monk Vintage, where they enjoyed browsing the unique pieces.

From here, we headed past Washington Square Park and I told them a little bit about the historical MacDougal Street. We stopped at Cover Up and the daughter bought a cute headband that was also very practical in that, it was knitted and covered her ears.

Moving on, we walked over to Thompson Street, where I took them to Purdy Girl, where the mother found a beautiful necklace (all their jewelry was half off) and then to Stella Dallas, where the daughter found a pair of vintage shoes she absolutely loved. I told them that we had to visit both Purdy Girl stores, so we walked to the LaGuardia Place shop next, and we also visited Helianthus, which was just a few steps away.

At this point, I figured we should go to Soho, where they could find some more mainstream contemporary fashion at New York Look. The daughter was looking for a trench coat and I knew they'd have a good selection. She actually ended up loving a few of their spring handbags.

We were running on schedule for once, so I suggested we go to the Meatpacking District. The daughter had asked about ScoopNYC and I knew that their best stores are located on Washington Street. On the way, we made a quick stop at Chelsea Girl Couture where I told them they could find the famous Moon Bags by Patricia Smith along with some dead stock Diane Von Furstenberg.

We hopped on the subway up to the Meatpacking District next, and made a stop at Darling. The mother sat for a little, while the daughter tried on a few of their gorgeous, colorful silk dresses. From here we walked (it was a beautiful day) by Elizabeth Charles and Tracy Reese up to Gansevoort Street. Since the ladies were Carrie Bradshaw advocates, I mentioned Christian Lou Boutin and they wanted to take a quick peak inside.

Finally, we made it to ScoopNYC (they visited Scoop and Scoop Street) and I pointed out that the Diane Von Furstenberg flagship store was across the street. This was where the daughter found an adorable dress.

From here, I escorted them back to the subway and pointed them to their hotel.

If you'd like to take a customized combo shopping tour, visit our website for more information at www.shop-nyctours.com/guidedtours. We look forward to shopping with you!

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